Don’t Be Afraid To Change It Up!

When I first began my pottery journey, all I could think about was learning how to throw on the pottery wheel! I started 365 Days of Clay Cups video series, a day at a time, growing new throwing skills, glazing techniques and handle making. I’ve been exploring clay ever since!  

Started as a way to heal, I have been 12 years on this exciting Hobby Potter journey….  I’ve seen potters come and go. Some who began along with me have grown into professional potters. I’ve also seen hobby potter friends”change it up” and move into other directions.  They have become ceramic teachers, glassworkers, social media “clay” influencers, and even business owners who are developing supplies to help potters with their claywork! You just never know where your clay hobby can lead you. 

There was a time…a long time… I felt guilty for wanting to explore more handbuilding and glazing techniques… (I know, it sounds silly, but track with me). Because I spent so much time sharing in video my love of wheel throwing, and also because of the simple word “potter” in “hobby potter”,  it made moving away from it feel like a betrayal of sorts. What started out as a fun way to share my clay adventures, became a box I put myself in. During COVID and the last 3 years, I’ve finally realized, it’s all part of the clay journey. 

Claywork can have many faces. While I still love my time on the wheel, throwing has become more utilitarian to aid my more creative ideas with clay. I`ve decided to embrace wherever my hobby potter clay adventures take me, and begin sharing my journey again in video!

It could be wheelwork, could be tablework, could be molds, mosaics, or it could be sculpture. There is not enough time in life to do all that can be done with clay, so changing it up is where I’m going next in my clay journey with all of you!

“Where is your clay journey leading you?” , no limits, no boundaries… I’d love to hear about it! 

Tammy Jo

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Change It Up!

  1. I just love you! You are just the best, the best encourager, you have the best outlook and you’re just a joy in general. Though I’m not as comitted as you I found exactly what you talk about – the clay journey is limitless. While I don’t have as much time as I’d like, I do look forward to school vacations where I can try to spend more time with my hands in the bags and this year is no different. School will be out in six weeks or so and I’d like to dust off my wheel and maybe try that again but I have a love for handbuilding and it’s time to create some new ideas. Anyway – YOU are SO good at this, Doll!!

    1. You’re amazing yourself Kate, I’m so excited to hear about your clay journey plans are for the summer! You seems you had a wonderful winter art extravaganza with your watercolor paintings! 6 more weeks girl, 6 more weeks!!!

  2. I love your journey and explorations! My favorite part of my journey- though I’m addicted to making totem pieces- is trying something new every time I it down with clay. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Today my clay journey took me to Lowes to buy a new slop sink. The very old one didn’t work any more. So today was about ripping the old one out and assembling a new one and discovering that the plumbing for the new one will not connect to the old one. more trips to the hardware store are in my future. Also I can’t run the washing machine until I get it fixed. In the middle of all that some idiot called me and suggested that I should be President of the potters guild or start a new one. That was a pretty typical day in the life of a potter. Only kidding Tammy it is always great to chat with you.

    1. LOL! Yes, it does sound like a typical potters day!!! Or someone asks if you teach potter … I’d add that one to my day ;P

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