Q & A : Hobby Potter Then & New!

A New Perspective!

“Taking the time to make pottery I would like to see in the world.” 

You may not have felt the pause, but I’ve been enjoying a restful 3 years in my home studio deep diving into what moves and inspires me in clay!
Before the YouTube COMEBACK videos begin on September 4th, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to in a little Q & A blog! 

Q. We haven’t seen you on YouTube, where have you been?
A. Yes, from around December of 2020 I can say I slowed down to an almost halt in making videos. 
At that time, I really needed to regain my health and perspective by taking a break from the content creation schedule. 
Thinking back, I spent 10 years in front of a camera. Each week I would record, edit and publish while planning new clay experiences. It was all enjoyable, but a very time intensive process. 
If I wanted to continue making videos, I needed to make some changes to reflect it I still wanted to continue on this same path. 

Q. What did you do on your break? 

A. Well, I didn’t completely stop making videos, but the volume decreased by about 95%. ( If I missed my pottery friends, or have a great idea I’d post a video to share it, lol).

On a personal note, I kept myself busy as a new Grammy, had COVID twice, also spent lots of independent studio time! I took a deep dive into leanring where I was lacking such as color theory and composition, style preferences 
and testing out  ceramic tools to help me make my designs dreams happen on clay. 

Q. So what can we hope to see in your new videos? 
A.   I’ve thought about this alot.  The Hobby Potter on YouTube channel has always been my personal vlog space, so that will remain the same. With so many ultra pristine pottery videos, shorts, reels, tutorials out there, I just wanted to keep it authentic and real. You may see a mess on my table or hear a sheep baa-ing in the backgroundI but I wanted our time together to remain  authentic and fun! 
I’ve always felt the hobby potter journey is about  exploration and discovery. Expect to see lots of tests and results.  I’ll hopefully be tackling more intermediate ceramic situations. There will probably be a few self guided ceramic projects or two!
If you want to see what I’ve been up to I did post quite a bit on the @hobbypotter Instagram 

Come visit the Hobby Potter YouTube Channel and subscribe for notifications! 

4 thoughts on “Q & A : Hobby Potter Then & New!

  1. Glad you are back! I took a 3 yr sabbatical from clay a few years ago. Since returning, I’ve found that I like doing new techniques (to me) and I’m not trying to mass produce. I’m at a community kiln, make 5-6 pieces per session of something that I find fun to do. Getting older, my hand is not as steady as before so fine detail work and glazing take much longer than years past—-but I’m still growing and having fun!

    1. That’s wonderful, you have found your joy again! Sounds like you and I are on the same wavelength!

  2. Hi Tammy Jo,

    This is Melissa, I bought a mug at your open studio. Guess what I’m regretting not getting the one I really wanted and wanted to know if you still have it? Teal on the inside, fun super cute print on the outside and two finger handle!

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