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How Does an Artist Find Inspiration – Fine Artist Nicole Slater – Bio and Art

This week I’m dedicating a video to expressionistic fine
artist and teacher Nicole Slater, who I am honored to be showing with in our
gallery show “2GETHER” starting October 2015!
Artists inspire artists…I learned so much from my visit to
her studio and can’t wait to share her story…especially about how to find
inspiration and what to do when you draw a blank! Her advice can be applied to any
artist of any medium.
Here are some of the questions she will answer in this
          –  Where do you find creative inspiration for your
          –  How do you find inspiration when you don’t know
what to paint?
          –  Accountability Goal = Artist’s Dream Lifestyle!
          –  2 Different Styles in the show?
          –  How is this “2GETHER” Gallery Exhibition
Different That your Other Shows?
Thank you for watching!
Tammy Jo Schoppet 
2GETHER” Shows 2 artists in 2 different mediums working cohesively
ARTIST RECEPTION: October 10th 2015 when Nicole
and Tammy Jo will present!


Cup #355 – The Final Count Down – 10 Ceramic Cups To Go!

Well folks….this is it! 10 more cup throwing videos!! Can you believe it? 😀 There is a lot of reflection going on nearing the end of the project.( Listen to this song while watching the video…No copyright infringement this way 😀 The Final Coundown )
I can honestly say I now feel comfortable about throwing cups! For the last clips I wanted to share some of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way:
Tammy’s TOP 10 of 2011:
#10. Find What Techniques Work Best For YOU!
When it came to the basics…I learned not everyone uses the same techniques (and some people can be pretty adamant about the benefits of their own technique). No one technique will fit every person, so I decided on which ones gave me the best results (for me) then practiced them over and over to work towards mastery! ……….
Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!
Warmth and Friendship,
Tammy Jo

Cup 342 Quite possibly my favorite cup to date

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before (may have), but when I was a teenager I worked at the Egyptian Museum in San Jose and lots of time was spent in the galleries with ancient artifacts, pottery, mummies etc. (along with washing a lot of windows and giving tours of the tomb ;). At that time I learned to really enjoy “archaeology” and the treasures of old…the form of this cup just reminds me!

There isn’t anything about this cup I would change!

Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy it as well 🙂 ~ Tammy Jo

Getting Ready!

After spending a few days mentally playing out how to share my 365 Day quest, I’ve come to some very interesting dilemma’s and decisions. 

1. Not every cup will take one day to complete. It will take a short time to throw or hand build the basic cup form, but there are the added details and trimming that must be done…quite possibly a day later. The question remains as to the best way to share the 365 day process.  
2. When to start?  Since I will be posting videos & blogs each day, I think it would be more manageable to publish them to the internet the next day. So to begin on January 1, 2011, I’ll need to throw my 1st cup on December 31, 2010 to get it online by the 1st deadline. 
3. Keeping the goal in mind. I wanted to establish a habit of throwing on the wheel, working with clay and improving on a daily basis. The “documentary” process should show my “real life” throwing journey. I  already possess basic throwing and handbuilding skills…but I’m an amateur work in progress. I’ll be sharing the triumphs as well as the trials. If I happen to “crash and burn” on multiple cups, I’ll be sure the day does not end unless I have at least 1 cup to show for the efforts!
There are many other items on the list and the reason being I want to start well and develop a steady pace..a comfortable pace, a peaceful flow.  Looking forward to this experience and I hope it can inspire others to get started doing something they love…you never know where it will lead!