Update- A Bisque Fire – A New Camera – A Clean WorkShop! – March 2012

Hi Everyone…it sure feels like forever since I edited a video clip! I’ll give you the low down on the camera situation…this is it’s maiden voyage so we’ll see how well she tests out…camera is a Kodak Playsport – GX5) and what I’ve been doing to get myself back into my workshop!

March’s Project
Even though there is no video, I will share a brief description of the project. If you’ll notice in the kiln photo I made two pitchers. February & yes another one using different techniques for March. 
I threw vessels, a medium sized pot and a smaller bottomless cylinder form. When they were leather heard I did some handbuilding, attached them together, textured them and made a handle with textured spout. Can I just say SO MUCH FUN! Looking forward to April as the weather is getting nicer and I’ve moved the pottery wheel back out into the workshop…which I found is a much better situation even if the bathroom is really far away..LOL! 

Thanks for watching and next time I’ll do more pottery than talking! 

Artfully Yours!
Tammy Jo

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