Creating A Vision Board & Finding Your Artistic Voice

My First Vision Board! What I love in Art, Form, Imagery & Color

(UPDATE 1/25/19 – I accidentally inserted a link to the wrong video in today’s email! If you are looking for the “Organic Dish In Less Than 3 Minutes” Video Please Click here! My sincere apologies!) 

 Last week we had a whirlwind tour of the Egyptian Museum (where a fingerprint in clay started my interest in pottery).

Unfortunately, it was a strange week and I lost all my video files and had to do a recap (but thankfully the phone still functioned and could be reset).  Here is this weeks video!


This week, most of my time was spent deciding on my future in clay and putting the (cold) studio in order (this actually is taking much longer than anticipated … the whole week)!

Being a self-taught potter has its perks and its perils! The first is you need to be self-motivated, to take responsibility for your course, and also be able to pull together a vision that will move you forward. I wanted to gather a visual representation of the most inspiring imagery I can quickly reflect on when I’m in the studio. There are artists, techniques, imagery, color, form, and ideas. that motivational when looking at them. My dream/goal is to pull together the “essence” and qualities I love about this imagery and create a unique style I adore creating!


So, where am I really in the development process? I found a fabulous article by Todd Henry that outlined the phases of “Developing Your Creative Voice” and it really helped me understand the seasons of life in any seeking creative. I made this PDF for my own reference and thought I’d share it in case it was useful to you as well. Phases of Developing Your Creative Style

The bottom-line conclusion this week? I found myself smack dab in the Emulation Phase but pretty close to crossing over to the Divergence Phase (which was exciting!) So in order to fully explore my visions, I’m more determined than ever to clear out my excess brown speckled stoneware and extra glazes in favor of some nice white porcelain!

Want to Join Me In Creating Your Own Clay Journey Vision Board?
How to Create Your Artistic Vision Board!


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