365 Days of Clay Cups – “1/2 Way Home” At the Top of the Slide!

6 months ago there was no way I could make cups like these and it’s with all your help that I’m learning & changing…with still MUCH room for growth!

 Thanks for helping, thanks for encouraging and especially thanks for posting!

Back in January I was fully prepared to post videos online with only my always encouraging parents watching. But you need to know something, without the daily support and input from other potters, clay enthusiasts and now friends, this would have been a really long 6 months!!

In terms of my learning speed on the pottery wheel, the process is probably moving pretty slow. Without  doing repetitive forms to fine tune my skills it will take me a little longer to master. Yet I’m really enjoying this pace, it’s flow!

There was one main guideline I gave myself in order to keep my enthusiasm up and my head clear for 365 Days…each cup had to be different! Now don’t get me wrong… as a general rule I’ll do what needs to be done, when it ought to be done, whether I like it or not…but not in this case…I had to make sure I still loved it when it was over! 

…Wherever I am in my at the end of this adventure, I know I’ll be starting new projects as a different person. I’ll be a person who has walked a long and different path than most people would not even start. Many of you have been walking this journey along with me, and for that I am sincerely thankful 🙂

… It feels like I’m on the playground, after climbing the ladder, sitting at the “top of the slide”. I’ll just sit down (at the wheel), enjoy what I’ve learned, and continue adding more knowledge and improving the skills. With practice, I’ll see what amazing things are inspired as I turn every corner on my way as I ride it to the end (can you tell I prefer a good spiral slide? 😉  

Thank you again for all your support and I’m ready to Rock-n-Roll another 6 months…Are you with me?

God Bless! ~ Tammy Jo

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