A Look At All the Cups In My Workshop

At the beginning of this 365 Day project I had no idea what 365 cups would look like, store like or how I would manage things. Going on faith, excitement and some serious determination I set out on my quest, all the while expecting this day would come. As I looked around my studio workshop yesterday it hit me, the shear magnitude of what I’d undertaken!

My first thought was actually, “Why does my shop look so cluttered?”, then it hit me again…I’ve made over 160 cups…wait, let me say that again…160 CUPS! and every one of them is on a shelf in different degrees of  “finished-ness”.

Let me put this in context for you.  Before I began in January I could count on my hand how many cups I’d made and even less handles for them.  This is actually quite thrilling and little…just a little … overwhelming 🙂

The size of the task struck me again as I was packing up cups and could only get 9-10 cups per box! Relying on my Amaco clay boxes for storage probably won’t work too much longer because I’m not planning on purchasing 32 more boxes of clay before December!

If I look logically at it, 160 is really not that many cups when compared to production potters who probably produce this is in a week, but for a little pottery hobbyist it’s starting to feel like I’ve actually DONE something with pottery:)

Thank you all for coming along with me, encouraging me and offering your knowledge about the craft. This is not a project I’ve done alone, but if we’ve connected anywhere along this journey, you are apart of this with me….and that is my happiest thought!

Here is a quick clip to show the cup progress in my workshop…ENJOY! 🙂

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  1. Thanks Joel! I didn't know you were watchin'. Your video on how you mask your pottery is amazing. I've watched it more than a few times! Thanks again for the encouragement 🙂 !

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