I Video Spammed My Own Channel Today!

I’m a little behind on videos (but have still been making the cups! 🙂 Here’s a quick overview of the videos I uploaded today so you won’t accidentally miss one!

The next several cup videos on there way out are some of my favorites to date…hope you are still enjoying the videos..I have 215 more cups to go!

Cup #150

150 Cups!!! I can & can’t believe it! In some ways it feels like the 365 Day Cup project has just begun! In other ways, when looking back at my cups they feel like they were made forever ago! 

Cup #151
The handle and carving on this cup really seemed to match up for me. I got to use my trusty “Playdough” extruder for the initial handle form. This cup would be one I’d pick up off a shelf because I like drinking out of a cup with this shape…just a nice simple cup!  

Cup #152
I went from not knowing what to do with this cup for to really being happy with the result. Spent some sweet time with my eldest daughter (my artistic girl that made the intro clip for the 365 Day Clay Cup project) Hope you like it! 

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