It’s the 150th Day of 365 Days of Clay Cups!

Today is the 150th day of the project and even though I’m still a month away from the 1/2 way point it feels like such a monumental number! Let me do a quick recap to catch my brain up to this very special day!

WEIGHTS & MEASURES How Many Cups &; How Much Clay
January:   31 Cups – 31 lbs. 4 oz (14.17 kg)
February: 28 Cups – 23 lbs. 12 oz (10.77 kg)
March:     31 Cups – 25 lbs. 9 oz (11.59 kg)
April:       30 Cups – 29 lbs. 2 oz (13.2 kg)
May:       31 Cups – 27 lbs. 8 oz (12.5 kg)
             151 Cups  137 lbs. 2 oz (62.198 kg)

I’m starting to really get comfortable with my basic throwing technique which I feel is allowing me to venture out more and try new shapes and forms.  It has become much easier to think in advance of a form and pretty closely create what I’ve envisioned! THIS IS EXTREMELY EXCITING!  Of course I still have my “growth moments” where nothing goes as planned, …. I always take something away from a “crash & burn….but these seem fewer and farther between, yet they are wonderful learning opportunities!

I decided that for the next part of the year I’d like to see if I can sell some pieces to compensate for my clay use! I’ve started taking pictures of ceramics of made, some of them pre-project and have even uploaded a couple items. There is more to Etsy than just listing items, so I’ll be doing a little research and uploading more items as I gain more knowledge. Another ‘new thing’ to tackle…nice! 🙂

  A Longer List of 1st’s  
 – 1st Thrown Porcelain Cup #134 ( )
 – 1st Brown Clay Cups #141-145
 – 1st Set of Stackable Cups #138-#140 ( )
 – 1st Two Piece Goblet #133 (
 – 1st Thrown Foot #146 (
Along these 1st’s I’ve tried to change things up a bit with with different camera angles and adding music to the video clips.


One of my favorite online potters, who’s been so helpful with tips and advice, sent this beautiful piece of pottery.
To learn more about Steve’s work you should visit his website: or his Youtube Channel
Uploaded this clip minutes after receiving my special delivery from Steve Booton…straight from the UK…sooo excited! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!..(unedited response to the box opening 🙂

‘nough said! Think it’s looking a little more clean and organized after the re-design…’nough said 🙂 !

In signing off for the day I’d like to thank everyone for their support and help through my little project! Although some of you I may never meet I leave you with this thought..If clays brings you joy we have an unspoken rapport 🙂 

~ Tammy Jo

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