Completed Projects for Family Justice Center! Liam’s Monster & Kate’s Butterflies!

The Stanislaus Family Justice Center fundraiser event called for artists to create art pieces inspired by children’s artwork that were made in their A.R.K (Art Restores Kids) therapy workshops. This was such a touching project for me and thought I’d share my thoughts and inspirations behind each piece.

These pieces will be shown in “The Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery” for 2 weeks starting October 18th, 2012 and will be available for purchase. There will also be their 2nd Anniversary Event held on November 8th

Liam Age 5
Monster In Me – “Nice On The Inside”
Liam Age 5
Monster In Me – “Nice On The Inside”
“He is really nice, but no one knows” 
Liam’s “Monster in Me” art piece first inspired me with his words. I could “see” this boy without actually meeting him, and it truly touched my heart. He would be that misunderstood boy who while struggling with his family home life also struggles with his actions and expressing who he truly is. He just really wants everyone to know that he’s a nice boy on the inside.
The phrase “nice on the inside” just kept coming to me, over and over. This then inspired the idea of using his monster as a container that could hold something “nice on the inside”. I wanted to express for Liam a fun and friendly monster using elements of his original art work as a springboard. The monster jar became a colorful creature with diamond shaped eyes, monster hair and tentacle arms, hugging himself saying, “I’m Nice on the Inside”.
The little monster figurine is more true to his art piece and made specifically for Liam himself to keep and remember that he is more than nice on the inside, he is a good boy too!
This piece is made of stoneware clay using both wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques. It’s fired in a kiln twice to over 2000 degrees using food safe glazes.
Kate Age 9
“Butterfly Transformations”
Broken 1st attempt

“I will give you this to hang up, you will remember me”  We all know a butterfly’s metamorphosis goes through the cycle of caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, but sometimes we forget there are the in-between stages of its transformation.

These two butterflies experienced their own kind of transformation. What you are seeing now was not the original plan for Kate’s piece, it is the result of a first faltered attempt. The original butterfly made for Kate (a must larger piece) developed a broken wing that couldn’t be mended. This caused the idea to move in a slightly different direction which is an accurate metaphor of a transformed life…two steps forward and one step back but always moving forward.
Kate’s art piece shows a butterfly with curly shapes and lots of joyful colors while at the same time her statement is saying “don’t forget me”. Kate is still transforming. These two butterflies are representative of the “in-between” stage. I used detailed textured patterns with only small traces of color to represent emergence of the beautiful butterfly they WILL become….Just like Kate! 

This handbuilt piece is made of stoneware and fired twice in a kiln to over 2000 degrees.

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