It’s Time to Relax – Japanese Tea Ceremony & Throwing on the Wheel

It’s been a while since posting to the blog!! The past 7 months have been filled with our homes renovation (plus all that entails)  and some cherished small chunks of time in the studio. The biggest need has been to just relax. So here are a couple video clips of some fun things I’ve been doing that DO NOT included revolve around getting back into a house.

First Up!
Japanese Tea Ceremony!
Had a wonderful time at “The Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery” in Modesto, CA watching this tea ceremony demonstration by Thomas Arakawa – A Japanese / American Potter. He created the ceramic pieces used in the ceremony. Please forgive any cumbersome camera work…(zooming feature is not smooth on the 

Thomas Arakawa –
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The Chartreuse Muse –

Next Some Quality Time at the Wheel

I’m taking cracks of time to throw on the wheel, this was a quick warm up that got me in the groove. Love the feel of the clay, the meaning and place it holds in my heart! Hope you enjoy! 

Warmly Tammy Jo, 

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