HobbyPotter ep1.2 Way Back to Productive Pottery – Cleaning & Glazing

Making the decision to become productive again was 1/2 the battle and it felt easy making the pottery studio useful again!

I spent quite a bit of time shipping the remaining cups this week and loved hearing how much people loved receiving them. There are still free cups available (all you need to do is pay for shipping) If you would like a cup here are the details :http://hobbypotter.com/sale.htm.

Spent a good 5 hours specifically cleaning the studio and once everything was in its place the itch was back to making things (Okay…honestly as soon as I was done I threw a nice 3 pound bowl on the wheel..hee, hee, I just couldn’t wait! )!

Now that it’s clean I’ll spend the next week coming up with a game plan…a  “Why” I’m doing what I’m doing, then start putting that plan into action and get some clay pieces cranked out. Bit by bit I’ll get into a system that works with the rest of my life 🙂 No more random happenstance, throwing sporatically. I want to learn, grow an improve with clay!


Warm Regards to all!
Tammy Jo


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