Cup #356 Practice Makes Better – Never Perfect – Ceramic Cup

Tammy’s TOP 10 of 2011:
#9 . Practice Makes Better – Never Perfect…so don’t get hung up on it!
One thing this journey has taught me is that the destination of perfection in pottery is ambiguous. It’s ever changing because your skills & perspectives are always growing and changing. Even with all the years of skills, pottery (if they are trying anything new) will fall. Even now, the next few cups (foreshadowing 😉 are not the best I’ve ever made. Why? Because everything hand made is different. Some cups I thought were amazing a few months ago are not so amazing to me today. That’s why I love working with clay…there is always the element of surprise!
#10. Find What Techniques Work Best For YOU!
When it came to the basics…I learned not everyone uses the same techniques (and some people can be pretty adamant about the benefits of their own technique). No one technique will fit every person, so I decided on which ones gave me the best results (for me) then practiced them over and over to work towards mastery! ……….
Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!
Warmth and Friendship,
Tammy Jo

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