Cup #363 – Ceramic Guitar Cup for my Oldest Boy!

Tammy Jos TOP 2011 …Lessons I’ve learned…
#2 Setting Goals & Making Adjustments
When I first started this project, I had a general plan on how I thought I could accomplish the task of creating 365 Days of Clay Cups … the grandeur task of making 1cup per day for an entire year.
I did some pretty crazy stuff at the beginning to keep my word and hit this goal! Since this is my hobby and not my livelihood, I had other responsibilities that had to come first. This meant I’d be out in my freezing cold, wet shop at 11:45 at night, just so I could throw my 1 cup. In March 2011 I had an unexpected emergency room visit that changed everything. People could say, “She didn’t meet her goal of throwing 1 cup a day like she stated in the beginning”. This is true, I didn’t throw one cup a day, but adjusted the goal to throw 1 cup for everyday of the year. I COULD have given up on my goal because I had to miss some days of throwing, but I’m a firm believer our lives (like this project) are full of little adjustments to reach an ultimate goal. It’s just like trying to drive your car straight without making mini adjustments in your steering, if you don’t you’ll drive off the road!
My ultimate goal was to become a better, proficient potter, and all that entailed. In doing so I made a little adjustment, which led me to think more clearly about the other processes in my workshop and how to streamline those. As I became more proficient I also wanted to become more efficient, which was another dimension to the project I didn’t anticipate.
I believe I’ve met my goal the ultimate goal and there is no way I could have done it without the help and support of you all…but that is for tomorrows #1!
PS: I have had this cup in my head since the beginning of the year! I’ve had people ask me if I could make a guitar cup for them and told them …I can only make one for my son 🙂 He says he likes it and will glaze it whatever colors he likes
Thanks for watching!
Tammy Jo

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