Cup #364 – Ceramic Cup’s Eve – The night before that last cup…

Tammy Jo’s TOP 10 for 2011 – What I’ve learned this year…
#1 Accountability & Accomplishment — I couldn’t do it alone!
This was a team effort!!! I got asked the other day what made me decide to post videos on YouTube. Well, the two things I needed most to become a proficient potter would be satisfied by a project of this kind. There was instructional critiques and repetitious accountability.
Attending classes wasn’t possible, so this was my solution to a simulated classroom setting. On YouTube there were people who knew what they were doing when it came to pottery (I know because I’d watch their videos before the project) and hoped there would be other people that I could communicate with that loved pottery as much as I did. There was also the “kick me in the backside” effect I needed to get motivated because others were expecting me to keep my word.
The gratitude I feel is tremendous because of all the support, assistance and encouragement I’ve received from different people throughout the year (some are still here and some have moved on). Every single one of you has been perfectly timed to spur me on another day, and hopefully I’ve been able to contribute and give something back. It almost feels like a lopsided trade…what can I do to reciprocate all that I’ve been given.
From day one I told myself that I publish videos and I’m only talking to myself it would be fine, there was something in me that needed to finish to just prove to myself that I could. This is the 1st New Years resolution that I have thought about everyday and actually accomplished! Everyone needs to try it, it’s rather liberating!
Thank you all so much! The cup #365 is the last cup of the Fruit of the Spirit series…Self Control, and because all of you have helped me continue with the spirit of self control, I’m dedicating the last cup to you! Enjoy!
PS (It’s still in the kiln so I’m not sure how this is going to end…LOL! )

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  1. Congratulations – I'm inspired by your effort, and impressed by your progress. I'm using your year-long project to figure out one for myself for 2012. I'm sure you'll have success in the future. Best to you – naomi

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