Day #9 Ceramic Ice Cubes & Cold Drink Cup 1LB of Clay 25 Way Project

If I have to edit out the music..check out the original songs here..{hee, hee}

I had cubes in my brain and really wanted to make something square…and here you have the re-usable ICE CUBES! They don’t float (because they are solid), but when they are all done and glaze you can put them in the freezer and plunk them into a drink like ice 

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS:  I was able to add a little bit more of “me” and some humor (ever so small) with creating ice cubes. Our family is pretty much about humor…we look for the “funny” in everything. I realized I rarely mix that part of me with my pottery. That realization just opened up more doors to future creativity!

THE ATMOSPHERE: Excitement! I had a giggle inside happening even though this was a very “watered down” (pun intended) version of funny…the light hearted feeling carried me through to the end!

Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!!

Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!

Tammy Jo





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