Day #8- Handbuilding Flower Tray & Leaf Lid Jar – 1LB of Clay 25 Ways Pr…

All I knew about this piece before starting was that I wanted to make a dish out of the snowcone cup I got (for free) at my husbands’ company picnic!!!  After that, it was all spontaneous piecing things together. (My apologize for not noticing the camcorder ran out of battery and missing the making of the small lidded leaf jar)

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS: I really enjoy press molding! It satisfies the impatience part of my nature by making a flat piece of clay into a functional form within seconds! The aesthetic part of this piece I enjoyed most was the lid to the jar. Smooth looking leaves on the lid and the textured chunky jar…the combination just made me happy! The contrast (to me) is “Perfectly Imperfect”

WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY?  After looking at the piece again, I think I would have taken more time at making the flower petals more interesting. I’d make the rim less angular and could have spent more time with the details (details are something I should focus on a bit). There needed to be more of the “perfect” element in the tray for my aesthetic purposes…in other words..there needed to be more perfection!

THE ATMOSPHERE: I was actually studying/learning (by listening to Youtube videos) at the same time I was making this piece. Multi-tasker at heart I guess. I’m not sure I’ll do his again because the process took a little longer than anticipated.

Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!!
Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!
Tammy Jo

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