Day #7- Seuss Flower Teabowl – 1LB of Clay 25 Ways Project

Day #7 Dr. Seuss Inspired Flower’s Tea Bowl – 1 LB of Clay 25 Ways

Stretching my creativity doesn’t always mean abstract objects with random texturing or forms. I think I’m searching for that “Perfectly Imperfect” … it’s all about deciding what part of a piece will be made as perfect and imperfect. 

 WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS:  I think the tea bowl form turned out real nice. Holding it felt good in my hand and I know after the shrinkage of the clay it would fit even better. To me, this was the “perfect” part of the piece. “Imperfect” came with embellishment. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted the flowers to look like (they really didn’t turn out as I but they did spur on ideas for future pieces so they served their purpose! Since one of my favorite childhood books by Dr. Seuss is “Oh the Think’s You Can Think” (if only you try…) I wanted to think up an abstract flower theme much like his artwork.  

THE ATMOSPHERE: Calm while throwing and hurried to finish …but a fun focused finish! I realized that once I have the perfect part of the piece made, I relax into the imperfection that allows my creativity to flow. Because I release all expectations absolute perfection and accepting that the piece (and myself) will not never be completely “perfect” as a whole, it’s easier and more natural for me to embrace and love it! 

Introspective Thoughts of Tammy Jo:  “Hello, My name is Tammy Jo and I’m a recovering, self improvement addict with anxiety stricken tendencies as well as a self sabotaging perfectionist! LOL!  It’s always been about striving to do better, be a better person, do the right thing and fighting the rebel forces inside of me! Asking myself if I gave my 100% effort after every task is the norm for me. If you ask my family and friends, I fall short every time!  

I began my pottery journey to heal and to give myself a break… from myself! That is why I emphasis the fact I am a “Hobby Potter”; it’s to keep my focus off needing to conquer it and just enjoy! 

Even though I’m always striving for growth and improvement in all areas of my lifes’ journey, I’m also learning to accept that even after a well executed effort, no one in this present world can be perfect..I hope to find my balance.  This is my underlying thought for the “Perfectly Imperfect” (and saved by grace) pieces I’m after in my work. There is a balance. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and and a little insight into ME 🙂 

I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!! 

Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY! 
Tammy Jo 

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