Day #6- His & Hers Espresso Cups – 1LB of Clay 25 Ways Project

“Perfectly Imperfect” and that was my aim on these two pieces! The entire 1LB was used to make 2 cups (different sizes…one for “Him and one for Her”) and the handles.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS:  I’m VERY pleased with these! Why? Because they came out exactly as I’d hoped. I nice small cup with a crackled imperfectly round handle! It may appear simple, but to me this is something I always am after. Simple, but not and perfect, but not!

THE ATMOSPHERE:  Mentally speaking…I was “sure”. Unlike Day #5 where I went on a complete whim, Day #6 was a sharp contrast where I was “sure” about what I wanted to make and how I was going to pull it off. This was done to stretch my creativity and regardless on how simple these two cups appear, I put some forethought into the imperfection. So determination was also a feeling bouncing around the atmosphere in the workshop 

Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!!

Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!

Tammy Jo





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