Did you know? ..(Cool) Random Trivia about 365 Days of Clay Cups!

This blogpost will be short and sweet! No deep thoughts or funny anecdotes…just some cool (well I thought so anyway)  trivia about this 365 Day journey in clay cups. 

Did you Know…

How much clay has been used?
(This does not include clay used for practicing or the “crash & burn” cups to be reclaimed)

10 lb bags & solid clay blocks
for recycling!  This is not all of it. 
January:   31 Cups – 31 lbs. 4 oz (14.17 kg)
February: 28 Cups – 23 lbs. 12 oz (10.77 kg)
March:     31 Cups – 25 lbs. 9 oz (11.59 kg)
April:       30 Cups – 29 lbs. 2 oz (13.2 kg)
May:        31 Cups – 27 lbs. 8 oz (12.5 kg)
June:       30 Cups – 31lbs.  4 oz (14.17kg)
             181 Cups  168 lbs. 4 oz (76.198 kg)

Trivia about the Videos? 

– I’ve published 193 Videos to Youtube (to date)
15 of those videos are glazing & Kiln Opening videos
1 hospital visit delay video
1 Open Studio tour  & Don Hall’s studio
1 Steve Booton surprise package opening

Each video takes approximately: 
–  2-3 hours to upload
–  45 minutes – 1 hour to editwhich means I’ve spent….
     386-576 hours 
or 16-24 days uploading videos
     144-193 hours  or 6-8 days editing clips

Cup Trivia
– Each cup averages 3 1/2″ high x 3″ wide 
– Before summer I would do most of my throwing between 9:00pm & 12:00pm
– It takes me approximately 5 minutes to throw a cup from beginning to end.
– It takes on average 12 hours to fire & 12 hours to cool each kiln load.

*If you have watched every video in the series up to “Kiln Opening #5”
 You will have watched EXACTLY… 
 30 hours – 30 minutes of video!

If you have been with me since Day #1, Thank you so very much for coming along and sharing your thoughts and ideas..or even if you’ve been a closet watcher I thank you! If you are just  joing along and wanted to watch every video…you now know EXACTLY how long it will take you to get caught up..LOL! 

This was fun and I’m so glad I sat down to figure out these stats……….it only took me 45 minutes 😉 

~ Happy Potting ~ 
Tammy Jo

4 thoughts on “Did you know? ..(Cool) Random Trivia about 365 Days of Clay Cups!

  1. Hi I have been trying to teach myself to throw and having problems. When I get ready to do the first raise, my knuckle scrapes off alot of the clay. Then as I raise I keep flairing the cylinder into a bowl. My outside looks kind of straight but the inside looks like a bowl, lol, any suggestions?

  2. Hi Alicia!

    Mine used to do that …flair out more than up…and I think it was all about pressure and wetness. What I've been doing (and it seems to work for me) is not trying to pull up too much on the 1st & sometimes the second pull. Some potter can pull it up in 2 tries, but I'm still not that good and just want to make amazing cups..lol! About the bowl flair…Alex Shimwell really has a great video about how to pull up into a cone quickly. He learned from a production potter and is VERY quick…but in my opinion he is a pro with the intent to make amazing pottery…that's the kind of teacher I want 😀 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqH_5y4JwJs

    When you open up the center, make it a little larger than you want the outsides of the cylinder to be. Centrifugal force will automatically flair out so you want to be pulling into center and not straight up. The other thing that may be happening is you are putting too much pressure with the inside hand instead of the outside hand (this could also be the reason too much clay is scraped off the outside.

    Would love to see your work and hope my answer are helpful!

    Tammy Jo

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