The Countdown Begins!

99..98…97 days to go in the project! (Thank you Stu for thinking of a count down!) So nice to be reunited with my white stoneware 🙂 This is the softest clay (because it is super fresh) that I’ve ever had to throw with. It’s almost like learning again…but wonderful!
My workshop has been buzzing with activity, along with the cups, trying to prepare for my 1st Fine Arts Festival in November. It’s a different mindset than the cup project. I have enough ceramic cups to take for the project, but not ready to sell them yet as I’m going to be creating a book and also showing them in the local art gallery in June of 2012 🙂

So many exciting things happening, but it’s nice to get back to the routine of throwing cups for the 365 Days of Clay Cups project 🙂

Thanks for watching ~ Tammy Jo

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