Grinding Ceramic Cups & Sorting Them for the Show

Here is the video of the cup grinding that needed to be done on the “365 Days of Clay Cups”. There is a little story behind this and I just must say I’m so thankful for my husband!

It was great having him help me with this in his workshop. He is “Mr. Precision” where as I am the opposite when it comes working with fine detail…two different styles! While he was grinding the cups, my job was to keep it warm in the shop by loading wood in the cast iron stove. Let’s just say it was a good thing I didn’t use the power tools! I got a nice 2nd degree burn when my hand “tapped” the stove door. So I’m still not able to dunk my hands in water to throw…so missing it!
The cups: My man did a wonderful job grinding and smoothing out the bottoms. Some obviously are going to be discarded after the show because they are just too damaged for use, but wanted them smooth so they didn’t scratch up the gallery shelving. Others were “resurrected” when I thought the drips were just too large.
It was a wonderful experience and LOVED teaming up with my guy!

“365 Days of Clay Cups”

March 1-April 30, 2011

Where: Chartruese Muse Art Gallery
918 10th ST. Modesto, CA
Ph: 209.522.9035

This is the one and only time all 365 Cups from the Youtube project will be displayed together! The cups will be available for purchase during this event!

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