Hobby Potter 5.2 Hand Pounded Ceramic Bowls…Making & Glazing & Kiln Op…

This was really a lot of fun to do! I decided to gift small earthenware bowls to some people who I’m so thankful for. Here’s the whole process…beginning to end. You never know with clay…kiln openings are always exciting moments. Now I’ve got to figure out what happened in the glaze load!

Thanks for watching! ~ Tammy Jo

I’m starting a “Chop Mark Collection”. I’ve always loved seeing what markings an artist puts on their pieces! I’If you have a photo of the signiture or stamp you use to mark your work I’d love to add it to my collection on the website http://www.hobbypotter.com. There are a few ways to do it, you can friend me on facebook and post it to my wall/inbox etc. http://facebook.com/hobbypotter/  or shoot me an email!

Can’t wait to see your mark!!!

2 thoughts on “Hobby Potter 5.2 Hand Pounded Ceramic Bowls…Making & Glazing & Kiln Op…

  1. Hi Tammy Jo…good to see you again! I'm sorry that all of your white bowls cracked. That's a bummer. We get ideas in our head that we hope will work, but the kiln has the last word on that, doesn't it. 🙁
    In the middle of your video, when you were painting the reddish underglaze on the bowls for the guys, I noticed that the bottle of underglaze you had looked like a bottle of hobby acrylic paint (you know the cheap stuff you can find at Michaels or WalMart). I've only seen underglaze in that type of bottle once before, but I never found out what brand it is. What is it? I couldn't see the label on it clearly enough to make it out. Take care. Peace.

  2. Yes…the kiln will keep one humble..LOL! The underglaze (blue & green colors) are Duncan's EZ underglazes. I WISH they sold ceramic glazes in Walmart or Michaels..it would be so much simpler to get 🙂 Duncan also sells acrylic glazes (which may possibly be in Michaels), but the color numbers start with OS.

    So nice to hear from you 🙂
    Tammy Jo

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