Hobby Potter Weekly – Episode 1 – New Clay – Test Tiles & Art Restores Kids Project

It has a name! Since I’ve decided to post a video once a week to share progress and my continuing journey in clay, I decided to call it “Hobby Potter Weekly” !

So, this past Sunday I got myself all ready to begin this exciting new project of sharing the flow of my studio when… it happened! Let’s just say after a new laptop and the new video editing software I was feeling pretty confident I was ready to rock n roll with things!

The week moved along famously and amazing video clips were captured of my workshop activities. This morning I sat down to compile the video and with one click, it all was gone! Yes, every video I took disappeared and is just a warm memory…lol! Thankfully I took some photos along the way and did a quick whirlwind tour after the fact so you will still get to see some footage.

Hobby Potter Weekly – Episode 1
Clay Test Tiles & Art Restores Kids Project
Stanislaus Family Justice Center – Art Restores Kids
It’s a project that is close to my heart and my 3rd year of participating. This is a fundraising event to help the center which is a safe haven for families and children living in crisis situations. They help the children to heal and express themselves through art. The concept is for local artists to select a children’s inspiration artwork and create a piece to donate.

This years selection:
Hector age 7 – ” I don’t have a real friend”
I immediately bonded with this piece, because as you know from my past blog I lost my best “real friend” in December and felt his exact words at times throughout the last couple months.

Deeper thoughts behind this piece:
This little boy sees happiness on water…just as he knows having a real friend would make him happy. Water, interesting enough is a symbol of life, purification and renewal. While Hector was expressing himself in this art piece which gave him a form of release, he was also opening himself up to renewal.

If we are honest, the majority of people have only a handful of people they can truly call a “real friend”…meaning someone who is not related to them personally. Because of privacy, the artists do not have an opportunity to meet their children, but in hopes of Hector seeing this piece I sure hope he knows that there is always someone out their that needs him as a friend as much as he need them.


Interesting Tidbit: If his art was a dream, what would it mean: (source dreammoods.com)
Waves: If you are riding a wave, then it indicates that you are trying to get a handle on your emotions. Waves also symbolize potential and power.

NEW CLAYA Strange new world
Had the opportunity to throw my newly pugged clay this week. Wow, this is going to take some relearning. I have not strayed over the years from the type of clay I use because if I’m honest, time conscious me knows it’s faster to run down to the store and grab 50lbs. When pugging he added some sculpture clay to counterbalance my over wet clay. With different clay added , I’m curious to see if this groggier, more fragile clay can take the heat…I’ll keep you posted.

 I’m in the process of reorganizing my test tiles to display them side by side. The tiles on the table were all on a metal ring and realized I rarely ever used them to compare colors. I’m still looking through Pinterest for ideas on the best option. Now that I have 300 lbs of this new clay, I cut up a slab of test tiles to bisque and start with new samples.

That’s it for Hobby Potter Weekly! Hope you enjoyed the 1st Episode (next will should have some action shots and will take special care to NOT delete all my efforts!

Enjoy your week….
Chow for Now!
Tammy Jo

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