How I Made My New Chopmark – Custom Rubber Stamp

I’ve always wanted to use my initials as a chopmark! Like other potters I tried to recreate them in clay by carving, and actually came really close….once. This served me well until one day my precious signature stamp disappeared. To this day I’m not sure what happened to it (maybe I’ll be throwing reclaim clay one day and it will suddenly emerge as buried treasure on a great throw day…LOL).

This spurred the idea of creating a chopmark using my ACTUAL signature initials.
After posting a photo today to my Hobby Potter Facebook fan page, I seemed to get a lot on interest in how I had my chopmark made. Since it was so simple and looks quite professional, I thought I’d give it share in case you want to create your own!

Making the Image

Materials – Photoshop & Wacom Tablet Pad & Pen

1. Using Photoshop and the pen tablet I simply signed my initials (this is what I chose to use as my logo, and also the “chopmark” signature I put on my clay pieces).

2. I then saved the image in blackline in PNG (jpg would also work) so that it would be a cleaner image for the printers.

Actual Images Used


Making the Rubber Stamp
1. I created an account at
   Clicked – Custom Stamps > Art Mounted >
2. I chose the size stamp I wanted to create.
3. Uploaded the image > Added it to the cart.

This is what I received today! 

Tried it out on some clay! 

I’m really happy how these turned out. The rubberstamp will work well with either underglaze stamping or on softer clay, but I will also find somewhere that can create this stamp in a harder surface ..possibly wood, for those pieces needing a sturdier pressure. 

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