KILN OPENING #11 of 12 for 365 Days of Clay Cups

2 Kiln loads, one right after the other, just shows you how different every kiln load can be 🙂 Lots of chat in this video about each cup and how it turned out. so I’ll keep this brief. End result? Love the Amaco Firebrick Red, I just need to learn how to layer it so it doesn’t make a mess…here is the layering chart that shows what I was working off of when combining the Red and Oil Spot ..didn’t blend well with the temmokou though. Also need to work on the Textured Oasis, it could be a pretty color, I just haven’t figured out how I would use it yet.

All in all, this was a surprise load with some good results! Now I’m just waiting on the last load of the project (should be able to crack it open at about 2:30pm PST) I’ll make the videos as soon as I can and will upload them. I’m all full of different emotions, excitement, anticipation, a little sadness, relief, satisfaction…those are just a few that popped into my!

Thank you so much for watching !!!
Tammy Jo

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