Merry Christmas Everyone! – Peace on Earth – Making Ceramic Cup #359

First I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and hope you all enjoy this special day where ever you are in the world! Thank you so much for coming along on my journey and encouraging and hopefully enjoying it with me!

I feel like I’ve made some very special friends this past year through Youtube and Facebook & Twitter because I was blessed with a silly idea to make cups!

My family has experienced some ups and downs on Christmas throughout the years, but have always found our peace & even witnessed miracles! As some of you probably know I am a Christian and do my best to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God. It’s really where I find my biggest peace & joy even though I’m not perfect 🙂 It’s okay if we aren’t in sync with that view…I’m all for walking the walk before talking the talk…so no preachin’ from me unless you ask or wanna here, then I’ll be very happy to share…so don’t panic…LOL!

When times were rough I started a tradition , that each year on Christmas I set new goals for the coming year…I write myself a personal note with the list, then I stick it in my stocking to be boxed up until next year. Some years I’ve opened the stocking completely forgetting what I had written…and some of them still happened! Yet, this is the first year I can actually claim the fact I thought of a goal EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire year….I can bet you know what it was!

Thank you so much for helping me make this happen! Christmas is a season of sharing, so be sure to share yourself, your gifts and your joy with someone who really needs it and it’s even more special if they can’t repay you!. Be a blessing this Christmas!

Enjoy the holiday & “God bless us every one ” 😉
Tammy Jo




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