Pottery Studio Makeover – For 1st Artist Open Studio Tour April 2014

Well it has sure been a long time since posting in my blog…..I’M BACK! Not that I’ve really been away, but to get everyone up to speed I’ll do a quick summary of how I got to this place and time!!!

After the 365 Day project (2011), the cups were displayed in a gallery show and then sold and shared with others (2012)…it’s also when we started a new adventure in our family (2012-2013)!  About 2 months after the show, the beautifully old (but run down) country home we lease, had been scheduled for a 3 month long remodel. Our family of 6 was going to live in a travel trailer while the landlords fixed things up. This turned into a 1 year “full house knock-it-down rebuild project!” 6 people… in a trailer… living life on hold, this is pretty much how I would sum up our experience! We LOVE where we live so we didn’t want to move…but we sure came close more than a few times…LOL!

There are always good and bad to every situation depending on what side you choose to think about…I flip flopped quite often over that one year…which left me a little overwhelmed and drained. I was unable to think beyond what needed to be done each day.

My hobby potter experience was somewhat set aside and I felt almost like it had been someone else’s fond and warm dream. In small spurts I did play with clay and even created videos, but longed to go back to my “cup a day” project which, when I think about it was difficult, but something I loved!

I know in this one year I made MANY promises on my videos to do certain things that never came to pass…to be quite honest…I don’t remember what they even were! Someone asked about my pottery journal the other day and I went completely BLANK! Do I still have one…where IS it.? LOL!!!!

Instead of going back and trying to make good on all my promised projects (that probably only mattered to me at the time), I thought I would find my lost love of clay throughout that trying time and start 2014 in a big way so there is no turning back!

So what did I decide? … 

My 1st ARTIST OPEN STUDIO! Yep, opening my house of for the world to see…per say. Stanislaus County Artist Open Studio Tour! April 12-13, 2014 Basically it’s artists my area (all different mediums) open up their workspaces so people can visit an artists hide out and take a look around!

2 BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: A Functional Workspace…and a situation were I Can’t Stop!

….only a handful of people have BEEN to my studio…ever, and I must say, {hangs head sheepishly}, it is just a complete disaster! The project: Since we lease, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to “foo foo” it up, and there are some limitations, but I just want it to be more functional, feel a little more comfy in the hot and cold seasons and cut down on the country dust that builds up on EVERYTHING!

I’M SO EXCITED both for the event and also the chance to have a better functioning shop space! This pottery studio makeover will FORCE ME to finish…since I already paid my fees and signed up at the end of December!

Well, this is where I will end for today… I’LL SIGN OFF with video of the current state of my workshop…gulp… 😉 
NEXT TIME – The new layout and the work getting done! 

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