Pottery Studio Makeover – Looking At the Outside!

Last blog I shared a photo of what my pottery studio/workshop looks like from the inside and my disorganized haven. IF YOU MISSED IT There is also another “makeover” project still in progress… (our house)… which is going to also help me with the outside features of my studio make over!

This week the luxury of concrete has found it’s way out to my studio!!! Although I love living in the country, I grew up in San Jose, CA ..I’m still a city girl at heart and the bottomline is…I JUST LOVE CONCRETE…maybe because it has some aspects of clay or maybe because it’s cleaner!

It’s been very exciting watching how quickly my landscape was transformed. They poured a new back patio pad and also a new walkway that leads out to the studio directly from our house. No more dirt on my shoes no more mud to trek through …it’s heaven I tell you!  Of course I’m going to put all this in video, but for now…here are some before and after photo’s of what’s been happening!

My Studio & the Dirt Leading to it…
(I’m the left window…hubby’s “man cave” is the right window)

A new pathway right to the front door!

What it looks like from my studio door!  
The front path is only the beginning….They also gave me a new back patio pad. All these additions WERE NOT expected from our landlord…this is just a super huge perk I’ll be forever grateful for! 
Moving all the JUNK off  and buckets of clay off the back patio space
The pad area prepped a flat…this is a first!  
The awesome concrete guys! 
My new back patio (I’m envisioning a vineyard theme…hmmmm) 

This concrete is more than I could have possibly hoped for in this remodel project. I knew they were planning on painting the garage/barn/studio to match the house (which will come later)…but this much concrete and making things so convenient and clean…I’m just beyond happy!!!

Here is a Video Update and also Drawing the Floor Plan!  

2 thoughts on “Pottery Studio Makeover – Looking At the Outside!

  1. Thanks Cindy and so true! It's so pretty I'm afraid of messing it up (I'm not the neatest potter)…so drying pots sound like the best way to use this. You can also catch a glimpse of the sunset so it's going to be a nice resting spot as well!

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