30 Bowls ~ 30 Days ~ 30 Techniques ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE! 

It’s been a long time since posting to my blog and someone on Facebook triggered my memory to do so! In a nut shell, the last 30 Days I have been working on a project to stretch myself and to become consistent in learning and growing with clay and the variety of techniques.

Like the 365 Days of Clay Cups project  ( 365 Cup Photos )
1. (30 Bowls) I chose a clay form I haven’t made often to broaden my thoughts and skills
2. (30 Days)  I chose a time frame
3. (30 Techniques) Challenge myself with different processes in clay that I may or may not know, and share my learning journey in case others wanted to learn as well!

30 BOWLS – 30 DAYS – 30 TECHNIQUES!  Here is the video playlist! 

Now, I need to apologize, this video clay project is coming to an end (July 30 , 2014) and I’m just now getting to posting it to my blog.

NOT TO WORRY… on the bright side…you can watch each day without having to wait until the next upload each day!

All the bowls have been made and am now putting the finishing touches on the final videos!

The bowls that were not made to demonstrate a glazing technique still need to be glazed. I’d like to take my time on this so they turn out well. I expect these will be fired and ready to see the first week in August!

Take a look see at each days “technique”. ENJOYED DOING THIS PROJECT!

Days of  Each Technique
1. Throwing 7. Engobe 13. Texture & Feet 19. Template 25. Stamping
2. Trimming 8. Embellishment 14. Pounding 20. Dip glaze 26. Drawing
3. Faceting 9. Handles 15. Draping 21. Brush Glaze 27. Spray Glaze
4. Fluting 10. Carving 16. Press form 22. Spiral Glaze 28. Color Wash
5. Slip 11. Slip Trip 17. Hump Mold 23. Varnish Resist 29. Sponge
6. Chattering 12. Holes 18. Slump Mold 24. Masking 30. Agate

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