Day #1- 1LB of Clay 25 Ways – Crazy Dish & Spoon

Welcome to my new project “1LB of Clay, 25 Ways!” 1st…this will be the LONGEST & ONLY intro clip of me talking for this 25 day project! Why you ask? After describing what the project is about and it’s goals today you will understand. Here’s a quick overview of the guidelines & goals I’ve given myself for this project:
1.       GOAL:  To take some dedicated time towards developing my 100% creativity process! My “Perfectly Imperfect” pieces may be good or bad in BOTH our eyes, but it’s allowing myself the chance to spend more time testing and playing with clay J
What get’s my brain going and jump started in this direction? It likes to solve problems CHALLENGES along with the right atmosphere and away she goes!
2.       The Challenge: USE 1LB of clay…in it’s entirety to create a piece.  This will take some forethought on each piece, especially if I’m adding handles/feet/embellishments which I’ll need to consider before throwing on the wheel!

3.       THE ATMOSPHERE: Changing over my focus from video production to the clay. Along with some good music I’ll be putting a lesser focus on the technical aspects of creating a video (making intros, video shots, editing etc.) I want it simple relaxing and flowing in the workshop!

That’s it! Pure, simple creativity and inspiration is THE PLAN and I hope that you all can too dig deep and join me in your own way!
Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!
Tammy Jo

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