The Scoop on Glaze Fire #3 & Clay Ain’t Free!

Packed up the kiln yesterday with my individually hand glazed cups thinking 25 cups HAS to fill up my kiln. To my dismay (and pleasure actually) I’ve become quite the packer…a skill that has been lacking until this point. (Ask my husband about putting round ice cream tubes in the rectangular freezer 🙂

Seeing I had more space, I made a little extra effort yesterday and did some dip glazing! Unlike the  last time, where I cracked open EVERY dipping glaze owned, I chose to only use 3 select glazes to combine and layer. Laguna’s Fern Mist,  Colonial White   & Amaco’s Potters Choice Shino
 “This over that” and “that over this” and another glaze over “this and that”. By the time I was finished I got an extra 10 pieces in the kiln! Hurray…she is full!

So now I wait….here’s a recap of the firing:

Glaze Fire #3
Clay: Amaco Stoneware #38
Glazes Some Capacity :
Duncan Courtyards & Concepts, Amaco’s Potters Choice Dipping & Brush Glazes, Laguna & Spectrum High Fire
Kiln Model: Skutt KM#1018
Cone: 5
Speed: Slow
Hold: 10 Minutes
Start Time: 5:00PM – 4/25/11
Approximate Kiln Opening: 5:00pm 4/26/11

Clay Ain’t Free! 
Unless you are living near a lush clay bed, this love of ceramics and making pottery costs money!

I’ve decided to stop the GUILT I have about using family funds to sustain my project and will list some things I’ve made on Etsy (very few mind you ;). My goal is NOT to create a booming (boxing, shipping, production) ceramic business, but only to supplement my hobby and allow me to start pursuing other clay related activities as the need arises…you know, my “secret stash” 😉

“Someday I wanna start mixing my own glazes, and then I wanna build a woodfire kiln, and then I wanna invite all my friends over to play with clay and I supply the clay,  and then I wanna ….” yes, you get the idea!

 The cups made for the 365 Day project won’t be listed, BUT I’ve been practicing my skills along the way and have some pieces (which are in the kiln right now) that I hope will be good enough to list.

When possible,  I’ve dated them as I have the cups (example: S94 = Stoneware made on the 94th day of the project = April 9th 2011). This is so it’s easily distinguishable when I actually MADE the piece and can pretty much gauge the skill level at the time of it’s making.

I’ve recently started learning the ropes of listing and will take my time to do it properly. This means it probably won’t be up for a few weeks to a month. A fun new twist along the journey!

Well, That’s All for Today…Kiln Firings Always Seem Like The Longest Wait!

Enjoy the Clay & Happy Pottery ~ Tammy Jo

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