Happy Easter! All Caught Up – Glaze Firing Announcement!

So all 6 of us Schoppet’s were loaded up in the car after the 7:00am service and did a spontaneous donut run to “Mr. T’s”…the best donut shop in town (this rarely, if never happens). Excited laughing insued in the car all the way home, there was no way anything could bring us down as we happily ate our donuts! You can now hear the crickets chirping from the silence….my sugar drunk family rests…and I begin uploading and blogging 🙂 !!

Also Tomorrow Is FIRE DAY! I think I’m going to finally be ready for a glaze fire tomorrow (it’s about time!) I’ve been fighting the temptation to glaze them “whatever”, just to get them done. I want to pay each cups its due and think before glazing…thus we have the excuse reason for the delay!  Expect some kiln opening videos shortly!

Just a quick note and quick links to share…4 videos in 24 hours. Here are the links so you don’t miss a one!

Happy Easter to All!



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