Going Hunting! – Yard Sales – Your Junk is My Workshop Treasure!

Yard Sale Textures in Use

Someone else’s junk is about to become my treasure and quite possibly will be immortalized in clay! Anything can be a “find”…textures and shapes are all around us, it just takes looking more closely. 

If you’ve been watching the 365 Day Clay Cup project videos, you’ve seen me use yard sale finds in the workshop. My slip trailer is a $.10 mayo container (well, I got a set of 6 condiment squeezers for ten cents ;), The bisque texturing stamps were all made from yard sale booty…earrings, bolts, wallpaper, linens, general hardware, kids toys and even the texturing tool I’ve used on the pots. I’ve even found buckets, paint brushes and ceramic glazes. It’s not that I don’t have enough, it’s more so  the quest to find out what other textures are out there and figuring out how I can make them useful again. 
Of course when I come back I’ll continue to glaze (I still have more room in my kiln), but you never know if I’ll find just the right thing to help me finish one of those cups that has me stumped!  The possibilities are endless…so…. off I go!  
Happy Easter to all and May God Bless You! 
~ Tammy Jo

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