Glazing ~ Too Many Choices Makes for Hard Work

The dilemma at hand…”How Should I Glaze Them?

Since all the cups must look different, glazing seems to be one of the most time intensive parts of this project. It’s not the actual glazing that takes so much time…it’s the decision making that goes into each cup. What makes this more difficult is the almost limitless amount of glaze choices and techniques I could use. It’s quite mind numbing, well at least my mind feels “numbed”!

I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to glaze these few cups last night…no, we won’t talk about it. Just know the cups are slowly and steadily being glazed! Tonight I’ll hit it again with the anticipation of starting my kiln sometime tomorrow night! 
~ Happy Glazing!  ~ Tammy Jo~

3 thoughts on “Glazing ~ Too Many Choices Makes for Hard Work

  1. What temperature are you firing too? Maybe try a Jackson Pollack style Drip glazed pot? Or a Franz Kline "Black and White" brush on glaze? The way that works for me is to K.I.S.S. them. Keep It Simple Stupid. The more complex they get the more time consuming they become then the "fun" is taken out of the joy we get from making the pots, sometimes. It might be fun and joyous for some but not so much for me.

  2. I'm firing to cone 6:) I must agree with you…glazing is not my favorite thing to do! In my ideal world everything would be white with a small bit of color, black and white or natural looking earthy colors & textures… BUT,I really want every cup to be different and want to try as many techniques as possible to find a favorite. Tempting me with making my own glazes are you? !!! My glaze shelves need to be used up before I venture out with new recipes…somewhere I really want to go..I don't want to be wasteful so I'll use these up 1st. Wrote down the names for future reference though!

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