100th CUP! Amazing Ceramic Adventures & Feeling the Love!

Feeling the flow! There is so much to share on what has been happening in my workshop, but don’t want to overload this blog. I’ll do my best to make it quick, then try to update more often.

WEIGHTS & MEASURES – How Many Cups & How Much Clay
January:     31 Cups  – 31 lbs. 4 oz (14.17 kg)
February:   28 Cups   – 23 lbs. 12oz (10.77 kg)
March:       31 Cups   – 25 lbs.  9 oz (11.59 kg)
Totals       90 Cups  – 80 lbs.  5oz.  (36.53 kg)

100th CUP!
I DID IT…100 Days, 100 Cups (and that was also the day I made it to 100 Facebook Subscribers http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001569625633 !)
Here’s the Cup & the Clip
100TH CUP! 


As some of you know I don’t get out much..(LOL). If you aren’t attending the college, there isn’t much happening in town when it comes to pottery and ceramics. So when the opportunity comes along for me to “get social” with clay people I jump at the chance. This past month I attended two wonderful events.

Open Studio & Art Tour

 The 1st event was a tour of local artist studios…mostly painters, but I was able to find two ceramic artists in the nearby town of Turlock.
Don Hall ,who has been featured in and written articles for Pottery Making Illustrated & Ceramics Monthly and also is in the book “500 Raku” was gracious enough to allow me to video tape him and his workshop. Plus meeting Titia Barnett who does amazingly large sculptures and teaches students ceramics in her yurt.
More than a Fun Day!

San Joaquin Potter’s Guild Annual Box Social

Pot / Box Chosen at Social
Made by Joel (FetishGhost) 

This was a fun event where members got together and ate some food, drank some wine and brought a ceramic box (or any loose interpretation of a box 😉 to share in an exchange. There were fun awards, but best of all was actually meeting other people who love clay. It just so happens the box I chose was from someone I’d never met before, but also shares his pottery making adventures online through blog & video. FetishGhosts http://www.fetishghost.blogspot.com/  & if you want your own piece from Joel he also has an etsy shop!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/fetishghost (Fun fact… unbeknown to each other, he also chose my boxes!)
 Enjoyed meeting everyone, great event!


The internet is an amazing thing! It’s allowed me to create friendships that would otherwise have been impossible. When I started this journey, I had communicated with  probably 2 people who worked with clay, now I feel connected to literally hundreds of people who share the same interest and have so much experience with ceramics & pottery…it’s just incredible.

This beautiful cup came to me last week from ThatLynnGirl who has been sharing her experience and advice through commenting on the youtube videos. It’s a gorgeous cup in the photo, but just know it really doesn’t do it justice…the colors are simply EDIBLE. Thank you so much Lynn for this new cherished piece for my collection!!!

Then, I went to my PO box and there was another surprise gift waiting for me…it felt like Christmas!!!  Another Youtube viewer that’s been guiding me along sent a wonderful book in honor of my 100th Cup called “500 Cups”! It is an invaluable book for getting inspiration on forms & glazing…Just so you know, it’s sitting right next to my glazing table for quick reference Stu, then it will be with me in the workshop when I need help with new shapes! Thank you so very much, such a thoughtful thing to do 🙂

Well, that’s it for today as I need to get myself outside and throw some more cups! Thanks for stopping by and check out the 365 Day of Clay Cups Project…as of today I have 260 more cups to go!!!

God Bless ~ Tammy Jo

Hobby Potter Website   ~   Photo Gallery of 365 Days of Clay Cups

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