Day #4 “Ring my Bell” – 1LB of Clay 25 Ways Project

Day #4 – The Bell and dealing with rushed creativity! It just seemed so appropriate that on the day I had no time, the item I picked to make was a BELL…the old alarm system!

THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS BELL:  Because of my very limited time today, I was thankful for throwing the form the day before! My first instinct was to just rush through and make it a piece that showed “creative differences” later while glazing…but my theme for this project was to get creative with the form to spur inspiration. In the end I feel this bell still looks mighty simple in form, but I did have an inspired idea on how to finish it off using wire and a metal clacker! (I’ll share the end results latter)

       THE ATMOSPHERE:  There was absolutely NO atmosphere while making this piece…LOL! The only warm thing in the room were the bugs seeking light from the darkness outside, and Noona Kitty laying on the table watching me work. The crickets were even asleep 😀 ! This contemplative silence was exactly what I needed to hurry along this piece and get back to work on the urgent matter of the day…and yes the sun was down! Would I have been in my studio if I didn’t make the commitment to this project …that’s a definite NO! BUT, it taught me that setting goals for myself (even if I must rush through) it’s necessity for moving forward. If this goal wasn’t there in the first place, there would be little or not chance to move forward!
Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!!
Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!
Tammy Jo


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