Hobby Potter 5.3 – Set of Two Stoneware Cups – Used Porcelain Slip for T…

Was in the mood to make some cups and decided to make sets of two. Here is a set I made using some recently soaked porcelain intended for slip but left it sit a tad bit too long. I decided to add it to some cups as texture (both are cone 6 compatible). This led to another idea for adding some of my small bottles of underglaze to the slip… next time around! One idea spurs another guess…I sure love clay!

Are you a potter? Do you sign or stamp your pieces with a personal mark? I’d love to add your mark to my Ceramic Artist “Chop Mark” collection. Here is a link to the video describing my project! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PZiB7_aJLc

Thanks so much for watching!

Tammy Jo ~ Hobby Potter

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