Hobby Potter 5.4 – Set of 2 – Carved Stoneware Cups

Sorry no video of the carving (camera was off when I thought it was on.lol) …but just want you to  know it was DEFINITELY fun to make these cups! These are his and hers, different but I think they are compatible!

 I’m really enjoying making small unique sets of cups! I’m enjoying the time I have in the studio these days…with the remodel about ready to launch it’s given me some much needed relaxation!
MY CHOP MARK COLLECTION: Are you a potter? Do you sign or stamp your pieces with a personal mark? I’d love to add your mark to my Ceramic Artist “Chop Mark” collection. Here is a link to the video describing my project! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PZiB7_aJLc

Thanks so much for watching!

Tammy Jo ~ Hobby Potter

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