MUST READ!!!! Set Your Clocks Forward 3 Days…Reporting Live!

I’m breathing easier now, things are starting to click and the train is running smooth…plus FRIDAY’S ARE MY SATURDAYS! I’ll be short and brief today because I want to hurry up and get outside to the workshop.

I’ve decided that it would be more helpful to me as I grow to keep the blog as my “LIVE JOURNAL”. This means the posts you read here will be in real time. Video posts are 3 days behind what I am currently working on (Today is the 14th Cup for the videos, but I’m working on  Cup 17 today).

You can expect to learn some spoilers here on what’s coming up as I share my thoughts,  but I’d much prefer you think of them as “PREVIEWS” of what’s to come! I’ll do my best not to ruin it for you 😉

What’s New? 

Photo Gallery: I’ve been working on the Photo Gallery on the  website and have also uploaded the photos to correspond with the videos on the Facebook friends page.  So far I’ve only published the leatherhard images, but will be adding the thrown images soon!

Here is a Quick Video I made of all the cups up to the 13th (As requested by JanicethePotter from Youtube):

What’s on My Mind:
I’m living off the successes! The handle for Cup # 15 turned out awesome…I’m carrying that success out to the shop with me this morning to keep the mo going.

 Also on my mind are thoughts of glazing all these cups. I really could use some suggestions and inspirations on color when it comes to glazing…this is probably the most difficult part of the process for me.

I pretty much have every color glaze you can think of in low fire (made a sweet deal a while back and have a stockpile of them on the shelf…they were practically giving them away to clean out a storage facility. To be honest, they just kept loading them into our car as we were driving away! 🙂 I got rid of the colors I didn’t care for and still have a good throw your ideas at me!

That’s it for today! Hope you enjoy today’s Video for Day 14! 
For the Love of Clay…1 Cup a Day ~ God Bless

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