Pete & Repeat sat on a fence…Pete fell off..who was left…..REPEAT!

As I look around youtube at all the ceramic and pottery videos or on Etsy with so many varieties of ceramic works, I’ve realized there is a never ending supply of talented potters and ceramists out there!  They inspire me…. I’m an inspired hobbyist!

HOBBYIST: “Is an interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and is engaged in primarily for pleasure.”  

“Primarily for Pleasure” Being a hobbyist of pottery and ceramics, I find great pleasure in creating something new every time I get on the wheel, but if I’m honest with myself the thought of repetitive activities…be it work or play…just sends a wave of nausea through my body 🙂 
I recently shared  a picture on my personal facebook page of a cup I made for the series (finished cup will be on Day #19). Everyone loved it and started asking me if I could make more of them or if I’d ever consider making and selling them. I thought about it..and then the nausea came! No, I probably won’t be duplicating the cup over and over again. That’s the beauty of a hobby…it’s not your livelihood and you’re not required to do anything other than find joy in what you are doing. I own another type of business and my reason for potting was to NOT make it into a business (well…at least for now). 
I’ve loved making these videos, especially when I read that there are others out there who can relate to the journey in someway. I’ve also loved making the cups..although at 1st I knew it would be repetitive, I also knew that it had to be done to learn and grow. There was satisfaction in knowing the handles could be unique to each cup, so this realization caused the “repetitive” waves to subside. 
Will I ever be a production potter…no. Although my favorite motto is “Do what needs to be done, When it ought to be done, Whether you like it or not”. For this hobby, there will be a time of learning & a time of creativity and together there will be harmony.  ~.1 cup a day!
~ Tammy Jo
Watch it Be Thrown
SNEAK PEEK Day #18 Cup
To Come…List of Glazes 🙂 

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