What a Month!!!

Today, I’m pondering where I started in this journey and how far I’ve come in just this one month’s time.

Even though today is January 29th…my throw date is February 1st…the beginning of a brand new month! 
Thank you YouTube viewers, Facebook Friends & Peeps..your encouragement has meant the world to me!

In the month of January, I’ve tried and tested new throwing techniques while being given an incredible amount of input that would make your head spin! But you need to understand….this is all perfect for me! 

After a month of throwing cups (good or bad for all the world to see) through a video log, I’ve been allowed the rare experience of having professionals and amateurs give me their suggestions on how to improve on my skills. This has been more than I ever anticipated! 
The 365 Day’s of Clay Cups Project began as a personal quest, challenge, journey..whatever you want to call it..to finally make an educated effort to improve and grow as a potter. It didn’t matter if I was just talking to myself on the videos, the fact I was keeping a vlog about the journey would keep me consistent . Now, I look forward to hearing the insights of others and getting to know them and watching what they are doing with clay…it’s just been a wonderful experience!!!
Here is my new game plan/goals  for February :

1. Start being consistent in throwing. – I need to focus & practice consistently 
Steve Booten and Alex Shimwell..two very experienced professional potters located in the UK…  have been giving me email instruction, video responses and tips that I’ve decided are to become my basic pottery throwing guidelines for throwing…the ones I will continually work on to practice and improve. 
I’m also going to blend into the mix tips posted by others on youtube such as Janice & Cindy & Lynn & Sharon & zhpottery this should also help give me a complete package of skills to improve on. 

2. Follow cup inspiration – Find Inspiration for the cup BEFORE I sit down to throw it! 
After recruiting some friends to give me their favorite songs, it occured to me that my inspiration is generally stoked by songs, feelings and themes. I found that the cups I threw along with listening to a song and thinking about the qualities of the person, gave me incredible insight on what I think a perfect cup for that person would look like. It becomes like a story and I’ve found my inspiration flows to match it. 
Put the inspiration together with technique and there are no limits to what can be created! Looking forward to growth in February, thank you everyone for your continued help and guidance! 
Warm Regards
~ Tammy Jo

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