What’s Happening in My Pottery Studio! UPDATE

Hi Everyone! It’s been a long time since posting to the blog…where was I in February? Instead of going back and retracing my steps, I’m just going to start fresh with random thoughts and future plans. Of course this blog is also going to be my place to post reminders to myself 🙂 

Cup #49 “Into The Woods”

1st thought…What am I going to do with all these cups? !
For some reason when I started the project I didn’t fully imagine how much space 365 Cups would need. Now that I”m only about 1/5 of my way through the year, space and storage is becoming more of a visible necessity and reality. I’m also wondering what I want to do with the cups when the project is over..hmm. Before the project began, a friend of mine brought up the idea of using the completed cups as an exhibit in her gallery for 2012. Sounds exciting…we’ll have to see 🙂

How Much Clay Have I Used
I’m so thankful I’ve been logging how much clay was used for each cup! I didn’t calculate the crash and burns, just the weight of the clay before I threw each cup.
Here are the current stats:
 – January 2011 –   31 lbs.  4 oz. ( Days/Cups 1-31)
 – February 2011-  23 lbs.  4 oz. ( Days/Cups 32-59)
  Total to Date:   54 lbs.  8 oz 

How Should I Keep Funding My Little Project? 
I’ve been tossing the idea back and forth about selling some of the other cups I make that don’t get into the 365 Day project. To be quite honest, I DIDN’T want to make pottery into a production type business because the whole reason I started working with clay was for relaxation…you know, a hobby… (like I need another business right now…just sayin’ ;)!

At the same time I can’t ignore the fact that my hobby DOES cost my family money…yes, this is for my own personal entertainment. (Okay, can you tell I’m feeling a little guilty about it?)
So….I’ve just been pondering the idea of funding this “little project” by selling a small amount of the overflow cups/bowls/whatever on etsy.com. If I do this, it could help buy my next bag of clay or maybe even some high fire glaze ingredients (that’s right folks…I want to become a chemist and mix my own glazes…she rubs her hands together with an evil scientist laugh!).

I’m thinking to earn some money from what I make could ease the guilty conscience a little…then again, I’ll be making myself another time intensive project (taking pictures, listing online,  packing, shipping )….then again it could ease my guilty conscience … What to do, what to do? Like I said, I’m just pondering this idea and am still undecided.

Pit Firing
Time to get things ready for a pit firing! 

Well, that’s all I have time to jot down for now! Here are some updates you may or may not be aware of:

Cups to Date Photo Gallery (unglazed):
(haven’t figured out how to organize the glazed pictures yet…see those on Facebook)

YouTube Hobby Potter Channel of Daily Vlog/Videos:

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Today’s YouTube Video – Day #61

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  1. Start an Etsy Store. Your cups are wonderful and there's no reason why they couldn't at least support your supplies. Don't think of it as a business just a self supporting hobby. We started throwing a year and a half ago so we would have Christmas presents to give away and everyone loves cups so if all else fails you're set for gifts.


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